Sunday, 13 May 2012

Ads that add up your smiles

“Meet you after a short commercial break!” Where’s the remote? Where’s the remote? Tak…Tak… Tak… Channel change….change…change!!!! LOL :D :lol: I know this is what happens in every house. Leave alone advertisements, we hardly have patience to watch TV these days… Inspite of this, there are advertisements that have grabbed our attention.
While my mind was running through ads (my brain got influenced by smart phones where all the contacts and other lists just run down till you touch one…All ads ran in full 1000x speed ), first few were “Washing powder Nirma”… A girl with white frock dancing, then “Aaya naya Ujaala, chaar boondhon waala” , Titan ad… The bride playing piano(titan tune), Amul’s chubby little girl in frock with her sarcastic one-liners, Raymond ad…where the children bid farewell to their teacher, “Am a complan boy” ad… etc etc
Cadburys  have always been my favourite… hey not only chocolates, for a change, am talking about their ads ;) The initial ad, when the girl dances her way inside the ground, eating cadburys dodging the police, when a boundary is hit… Another ad, where with mehendi on both hands, the girl still finds a way to relish her cadburys. Then came, Amitabh’s  ”Pappu paas ho gaya” ..where Pappu is a middle aged uncle who clears off his exams…Kuch Meeta ho jaaye tag became famous after that and continues till today with Shubh Aarambh. Each and every ad is so cute and brings a smile always.
Then with pepsi and Coke entering India, many celebrities started featuring in commercials. Shah Rukh Khan ad, where he runs and is chased by dog… Finally, the dog outwits him. Then came series of Sachin ads and Hrithik’s dance ad.
Pepsodent ad… where the kid imitates the way his mom scolds  ”Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate…”, orange ice cream spills on the sardar kid’s school uniform and the kid says his mom loves his teeth more than him…”pepsodent kids don’t lie” ad.
Remember the surf exel ad? where the brother and sister walk back home from school, sister falls and brother fights with the mud and water that made his sister fall…”daag achhi hai”… Everybody talked about this ad as soon as it was aired first.
Not to forget the Fevicol ads, all were innovative ones. The hero would be about to fall from a mountain and be clinging. When looked up, fevicol bottle would have been placed on top of the TV preventing him from falling.
The initial ad of airtel where A.R. Rahman composes the evergreen Airtel song from airport. Then, Madhavan- Vidya balan airtel ad series…Each of them was one of a kind. The Hutch dog ad , happy to help you and of course not to forget our zoozoos who came running to entertain us during world cup. Many watched world cup only for Zoozoos ;)
Till now I was talking about national ads, I just can’t miss few of these regional ones too… (people who don’t understand tamil…. I guess the true effect will be lost if I translate. So spare me this time ;) ) . “Adhigama saapta… Gunda aiduva! I don’t care”… Some soap ad, I suppose.. “I don’t care” with the same modulation became famous one-liner after that.  Hamam’s ad  ”Papa ku ulla bayama irukadha… Papa solludhu amma evlo nallavanga…Evlo? Adha sollalayae” The dialogues between the mom and kid still linger in my mind. Next, the ad where the mom shouts “Kulikaaadha….” and runs to the train… Lol :D Coffee ads are very special here…The first is “Sa Sa Sugar boy…. Aanandham Bru udan Arambam”… Bru ad where the girl hesitates to tell her dad about her love. The next is Narasus coffee “Besh Besh! Romba nanna irukku”. Then, the Leo coffee, Aravind Swamy ad… Very nostalgic, isn’t it?  Remember Trisha’s 1st ad in Horlicks before she became a heroine…”Mannu… Naan romba busy”, mom of that “busy body” Mannu :P Ahhh!!! How did I forget? “Ennachu? Kozhandha azhudhudu…” Woodwards Gripe water ad.
I guess I’ll continuously keep going on and on. There are many more ads, few recent ones like… “Teacher sollitharala…Shaaaring!!!!”, Karthi-Kajal agarwal bru ad, Johnson baby products ad,”What an idea, Sirji” series… Simply superb :)  Though these were just featured for few minutes, but the impact created by them lasts for years :)

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