Monday, 3 December 2012

Free! Free! Free!

Yesterday I watched a short film… It was a very cute film where the dad, who is a barber in a village, wishes to make his son study in an english medium school… The challenges faced and whether he enrolled his son in that school is the climax. There were many scenes in the movie that made me smile… When asked for the reason for not choosing free education that the government offers, the dad says “Free education… So teachers won’t teach properly.” The attendant sarcastically snubs him that when anything else is given for free, everybody takes it…. But when its education everybody has a problem :P
That dialogue is so true… Whatever is given for free, we feel an urge to get..Regardless of whether we need it or not :P
Last week my neighbour got a biscuit packet which promised a free gold coin inside if you are lucky. Going by the daily astrology predictions of being lucky that day, she got this biscuit packet. I casually went inside her house and to my surprise found that aunty to have kept the biscuit packet in the pooja room. She was mumbling constant prayers and opened the wrapper as if diffusing a bomb… I couldn’t hold back my giggles :P Her daughter and me were waiting for her to offer us the biscuits… she was all the more occupied in searching for the gold coin. When it wasn’t found at the top, she immediately justified that it might be in the middle of the pack cos in the ad, the boy eats the biscuit and then finds the gold… so logically it should be somewhere in the middle :P
I nodded and got the biscuits at the top… Her daughter and me started eating one biscuit after another from the top, giving new tinge of hope after every biscuit till we reached the last :P Well, there was no gold in it… But aunty was one among that ‘try try till you succeed category’… She went on to buy another packet ;)
We got groceries from supermarket… I was repeatedly instructed by my mom that we are going to buy only the most necessary items and there is no room for anything else. When billed, it summed upto Rs 850… The lady at the cash counter told me that we have free gifts for Rs 500, Rs 1000 etc… So now you’ll be falling under Rs 500 category… My mom and me exchanged a look and immediately my mom asked me, “You wanted some lotions and creams right… Go get it and come” . The bill now summed up to 1050… The lotions were clearly uncalled for here but we felt it bad to let go of the better free gift… the free gift was nothing but a shampoo sachet, diary milk, pen and a salt packet :P
When I was a kid, I was getting into this perfect Indian Jantha mindset… I used to buy a bubble gum to get free tattoo… The tattoo stays inside the bubble gum wrapper (marketing tricks you see)… The bubble gum company owners would have earned loads cos of my friends and me :roll: We kept buying that Re1 bubble gum continuously, just for the sake of that tattoo collection :P
Similarly, I saw a scene where a guy goes on to introduce cell phones to villagers. He advertises saying you get free talktime if you buy this phone.Seeing this ad, one of the villagers asks the other, what does talktime mean? The other guy replied that ‘Who cares… They are giving it for free na.. We’ll get it’ :P
No wonder everybody is cashing in on our ‘freebie’ syndrome ;)
P.S. People who expected something to be got for free seeing the title… Oops! Don’t be disappointed… You read the post for free :P

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